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“I just don’t know how to describe it.” – Finding Your Style (2 of 2)

“I just don’t know how to describe it.” – Finding Your Style (2 of 2)

The Transitional Kitchen

This kitchen is exactly what its name says; it is a homogenized version of many of the other styles. With perhaps painted craftsman cabinets and modern counter tops, this type of kitchen allows the home owner to easily choose their own style.

This type of kitchen can work in nearly any space and with every décor.

The Craftsman Kitchen

This is a style that feels rustic, but not quite raw. It has features like simple cabinetry and clean wood finishes. It is usually very open and practical, with hardwood floors and high, light ceilings.

Although most homeowners would not build their own cabinets, the cabinets generally look they could have been made in a home workshop. This is not a quality statement; in fact, cabinets of this style can be extremely durable.

The Cottage Kitchen

This type of kitchen is ideal for small spaces. Typically, the entire kitchen is very light in color and minimalist in its frills. Nonetheless, these are the style of kitchen that many Americans have grown up with.

Often, there is a table and chairs in the kitchen, along with all of the appliances. There is often only a small pantry or no reach-in pantry.

The Rustic Kitchen

Typified by open beamed ceilings and cabinets that have few doors, this kitchen often has stained woods and a log cabin feel. The appliances often are chosen to complement this style, being of dark steel and wrought iron.

Often this style will be part of a total home style that is rustic and ‘backwoodsy,’ a style that lends itself to very relaxed lifestyle.

The Mediterranean Kitchen

This kitchen is appointed with ornate highlights and very sunny colors (yellows, oranges and light greens). A center island is normal in these kitchens, as well as wrought iron. The walls very often have fancy tile designs, as do the floors.


There are many different styles of kitchens, but for many people there is one style that is always perfect: their own. Homeowners are always encouraged to choose the pieces of any style that fit their individual tastes and needs, regardless of whether the style has a name or not.