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Bathroom Remodeling & Renovations in Freehold, NJ

World Class Kitchens began its pursuit of building dream kitchens and baths when Joe Vitale chose to pursue an independent venture focusing on best in class, innovative products, and exceptional design.  Joe's foundation is a lifetime of construction experience supported by family generations of skilled craftsmen originating in Sicily. His avid love for the latest trends and skills can be found in his attention to detail within his truly World Class bathroom designs.

Freehold Bathroom Remodeling


We're More Than Just a Contractor

Your experience begins with a visit to our multi-level showroom where you will meet with our extraordinary design team. The showroom has full displays including Kitchen Cabinets, Tile, Granite, Quartz & Hardwood Floors - everything you will need for your kitchen remodeling project. A team of designers will present guidance for your new kitchen and complete a no-obligation, introductory overview. Next, Joe will visit your home, measure the space, learn the desires and functional needs, and begin to select options.


Designed & Built Around Your Lifestyle

Next, you are invited back to the World Class Showroom, where Joe is able to show you digital designs of your space and make decisions on the styles and placement of every aspect of the project. Joe Vitale will return to your home and pre-measure the space to ensure that every piece of the project is precisely correct for your kitchen renovation. Co-owner Donna Vitale, alongside the internal team, will place orders for every part of the project. Including the hardware, builders, and delivery dates, she ensures that everything needed for the job is in place on the first day of construction.

Are you ready to learn more about our process?

Freehold Bathroom Renovations

Our World Class Bathroom Remodeling Process

Custom Design & Material Selection

Our team of experts will guide you through a variety of materials, cabinets, vanities, showers, bathtubs, colors, and accessories.  We will then apply all your choices into a tangible design for your approval.  The excellence of our team and the close interaction with our clients is what ensures that the final design will exceed all your expectations.

Building Plans & Permits for Your Bathroom Renovation

Every jurisdiction has different bathroom remodeling permit requirements. Our technical experts will immediately convert your bathroom renovation design into official construction documents and submit them for construction permit approval.

Ensuring Safety for Your Bathroom Renovation

Renovation can be hazardous, especially around children.  Throughout the renovation, wires, nails, and flooring can be exposed, all of which is potentially harmful.  To maintain a safe working environment, barriers and floor protection will most likely be installed.  We ask that your family remove yourself from the area while renovations are taking place.


If necessary, all the water and electrical lines going to existing sinks, receptacles, and lights will be disconnected. Furthermore, all the existing bathroom cabinets, vanities, showers, bathtubs, lights, and flooring need to be removed.  It is critical to observe safety precautions so during this time, no one but the World Class Kitchens team should be in the designated area.

Mechanical, Electric & Plumbing

Up to this point, all work has been completed by general craftsmen.  Moving forward, the World Class Kitchens team will work with trade contractors.  These electricians and plumbers will secure the wires, cables, and pipes to their final location once the wall is replaced. Our design team will likely inspect the work to ensure that all the work is in line with the bathroom design that was originally drawn up.

Building Inspection

Once work is completed, a building inspector will be brought in to confirm all renovations are being done to the building code and to issue close-in stickers so the project can be completed.


Our team will now insulate and drywall any open walls and lay down flooring.  Upon completion any cabinets, vanities, shower doors, tubs, and accessories can be installed.

Final Walk-Through

After the bathroom renovation is complete, our team will reveal your new bathroom and guide you through any special care instructions.  Final inspection is completed and it’s time to enjoy your new bathroom!

Why do so many homeowners choose World Class?

From clients to local builders, World Class is reviewed as being one of the most efficient and customer-centric remodeling companies in the Tri-State area. With 24/7 e-mail response, direct and personal attention from the owners, and a proven project management system, World Class’s service stands tall and above their competitors.


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"Great people to work with! They handle everything with the utmost care and concern as if it was their house! Efficient (always on schedule), professional, and available to answer our questions. They made a potentially stressful renovation go smooth- and the results- well they speak for themselves!"